Location: Maison de la Recherche, salle D31, Université Toulouse 2- Jean Jaurès

DateMonday, November 7, from 2:00

The public defense on Habilitation to Supervise Research of Christophe Serra-Mallol, entitled « Social norms and peripheral temporalities. Food, social exclusion and well-being in Oceania », under the supervision of Jens Thoemmes (Sociologie Research Director, CNRS), will take place on Monday, November 7, from 2:00 p.m. in room D31 at the Maison de la Recherche (UT2J campus).

Composition of the jury :

Yannick FER, CNRS Research Director in Sociology, Maurice Halbwachs Centre EHESS-ENS;
Christine JOURDAN (rapporteur), Professor of Anthropology, Concordia University (Canada) ;
Isabelle LEBLIC (rapporteur), CNRS Research Director in Anthropology, LACITO-INALCO ;
Marie SALAÜN, University Professor of Anthropology, University of Paris
Bruno SAURA (rapporteur), University Professor of Polynesian Civilization, University of French Polynesia;
Jens THOEMMES (garant), CNRS Research Director in Sociology, CERTOP-UT2J

Nancy J. POLLOCK, Professor of Anthropology (retired), Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) will also be present as a guest professor.