Contemporary societies are subject to profound social transformations and to different modes of governance in France and in China. In France as in China, social changes and reforms became indeed the standard and take place almost daily.

The aim of this workshop is first of all to qualify these changes, to identify the big social trends which they reveal. It is then necessary to analyze the modes of governance adopted to regulate these social changes and to adapt ourselves to the disturbances that they instigate. To confront France and China to these questions offers here the interest to compare the reactions of two countries which lean on a thousand-year-old tradition regarding public action and the central power of which is strong, but weakened by the contemporary évolutions.

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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

9. to 9.15 am – Welcome

University Toulouse – Jean Jaurès, University of Toulouse, Beijing Normal University

9.15 to 10. – OPENING SESSION – PostWestern Sociologies in France and in China

  • Laurence Roulleau-Berger (Triangle, CNRS), French Director of the International Associated Laboratory(LIA) CNRS-ENS Lyon
    and Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (Beijing)

10. to 11.30 – SESSION 1 – Sociology towards the transformations of contemporary societies

Chair – Vincent Simoulin

  • Zhu Hongwen (Beijing Normal University, School of Sociology)Towards Social Governance: Pursuit and Character of Sociology in China
  • Jin Huang and Michel Grossetti (LISST-CERS, CNRS, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Personal networks : a comparison between Chongqing, Toulouse and San Francisco
  • You Xiangbin (Beijing Normal University, School of Sociology)Reflection and Reconstruction: Reform of the Comprehensive Governance of Public Security System of China in the Perspective of Social Negotiation

11.45 to 1.15 pm – SESSION 2 – Public action and the new faces of our States

Chair – Zhao Wei

  • Vincent Simoulin (CERTOP, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Are we witnessing political remote steering or do we not want to see that our government puts up a good face on an increasing impotence?
  • Liu Xiabei (Beijing Normal University, School of Sociology)The Impact and Basis for Existing of Non-institutional Political Participation in Village Management
  • Jérôme Lamy (CERTOP, CNRS, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Research facing the challenges of big scientific projects


2.30 pm to 3.30 – SESSION 3 – Risk and governance (1)

Chair – Jens Thoemmes

  • Liu Bing (Beijing Normal University, School of Sociology)Integrating local knowledge into disaster risk management decision-making: case study on local-level practice in China
  • Florent Champy (LISST-CERS, CNRS, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Risk governance

4. to 5.30 – SESSION 4 – Risk and governance (2)

Chair – Zhu Hongwen

  • Dang Shengcui (Beijing Normal University, School of Sociology)Internet Public Opinions Risk of Social Organizations: Trends, Traits and Solution
  • Jean-Pierre Poulain (CERTOP, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Food barometer : a tool of food safety and food security governance
  • Sandrine Barrey (CERTOP, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)The transformations of scientific expertise to policy: risk assessment to commercialize a transgenic salmon in the US

Thursday, November 17, 2016

9. to 11. am – SESSION 5 – Work, labor relations, innovation and territory

Chair – Gilbert de Terssac

  • Zhao Wei (Beijing Normal University, School of Sociology)Understanding the Building Industry Labor Process: The trend toward uniformity in labor processes
  • Jens Thoemmes (CERTOP, CNRS, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)The governance of posting and the regulation of intra-European mobility of labour
  • Jean-Marc Olivier (FRAMESPA, Université Toulouse- Jean Jaurès)The beginnings of the aviation industry in Toulouse (1917-1945)
  • Normand Filion (CERTOP, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Can western industrial sociology have an echo in China?

11.30 to 1 pm – SESSION 6 – Changes at school and at the university

Chair – Michel Grossetti

  • Philippe Raimbault (LaSSP, Sciences Po Toulouse)Autonomy and decentralization: new paradigms of education policies
  • Gilbert de Terssac (CERTOP, CNRS, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Structural Changes in universities : emergence of intermediaries regulations
  • Julia Carnine (LISST-CERS, Université Toulouse – Jean Jaurès)Recent changes in Chinese Higher Education


2.30 to 3.30 – SESSION 7 – CLOSING SESSION

  • Vincent Simoulin, Zhu Hongwen, Zhao Wei, Gilbert de TerssacSocial changes in China and in France: appraisal and new paths

Venue University Toulouse – Jean Jaurès, Maison de la recherche, (rooms E411 and D30)

Organizations University Toulouse Jean Jaurès, CERTOP laboratory (UMR5044 CNRS), Beijing National University, China Academy of Social Management (School of Sociology)


Gilbert de Terssac, Researcher CNRS, CERTOP

Vincent Simoulin, Professor of Sociology, UT2J, CERTOP

Zhao Wei, Professor of Sociology, BNU

Zhu Hongwen, Dean, Professor of Sociology, BNU

Xiaokang Wang, The representative of the University Toulouse, Shanghai

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