Our Research aims to analyze the dynamics
of change and of legitimization, just as much as the increased insecurity and
stigmatization which characterize the contemporary social spaces.

Main scientific thematics

Economy and Markets / Environment, Sustainable Development / Food, Health, Tourism / Gender Studies / Organizational Learning and Social Change / Public policies, Governance, State / Risk / Training, professional Qualifications / Universities, Higher Education, Research / Work, Labor and living conditions

4 scientific research groups

 INTRA – The intelligence of work

this research group specifically aims at understanding changes in Gender, labor, wages, careers and specific segments of professional worlds.

SANTAL – Health and food

this research group focuses on the Food and Health Fields, both on their relationships and on the dynamics of each.

TERNOV – Ecological transitions. Risks, Innovations, Tourism

this research group studies the controversies linked to environmental issues, energy policies, expertise processes, risk and Tourism Studies.

PUMA – Public Policies and Markets

this research group gathers Researchers who are working on the links between governance, government and markets, as well as on the growing similarities and the remaining differences between the public and private spheres.

update january 2016