(sous dir.) Jens THOEMMES

Éditions :
Parution : juin 2015, 91 p., en ligne

Jens Thoemmes, Bruno Maggi, Angelo Salento, Giovanni Masino, Matteo Rinaldini, Leonardo Pompa, Domenico Berdicchia, Vittorio Olgiati

Jens Thoemmes’ (sociology, CNRS, CERTOP UMR5044) research about working time negotiations and his theory on social regulation were discussed in a TAO Research Programs seminar that took place in November 2014, at the University of Milano. This publication includes the invited author’s introductory conference, the comments of participating researchers about Thoemmes’ research and theory, and his replies.

Keywords: Working time, Social regulation, Social action, Negotiation, Rationality.


mise à jour 30 juin 2015