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Thèse en cours/Ph.D.Thesis – depuis 2017

Titre provisoire/Title : Contextual information aggregation in social (big)data- a holistic approach for social interaction analysis

Directeur de thèse/Ph.D. Supervisor : Sèdes Florence & Jean-Pierre Poulain

Financement de la thèse/ Ph.D. thesis funded  : APR 2016 FADA

Mots-clés/Keywords :
image processing, bigdata, social signals/cues, machine learning, deep learning
traitement de l’image, données volumineuses, signaux sociaux / signaux, apprentissage automatique, apprentissage en profondeur


Mahmoud Qodseya, Franck Jeveme Panta, Florence Sèdes. Visual-Based Eye Contact Detection in Multi- Person Interactions. CBMI 2019

Mahmoud Qodseya. Visual Non-verbal Social Cues Data Modeling. ER Workshops 2018

Mahmoud Qodseya, Mahdi Washha, Florence Sèdes. DiEvent: Towards an Automated Framework for Analyzing Dining Events. ICDE Workshops 2018

Franck Jeveme Panta, Mahmoud Qodseya, André Péninou, Florence Sèdes. Management of Mobile Objects Location for Video Content Filtering. MoMM 2018

M. Qodseya, V. Ntouskos, M. Sanzari, and F. Pirri. A3D: A device for studying gaze in 3D. EPIC@EECV2016



November 2015– November 2016
Research Assistant, Alcor lab, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy. The main activities and responsibilities fall in the area of developing (hardware and software) a head-mounted acquisition device named Gaze machine. In order to study 3D visual search, many fields such as robotics, 3D vision applications that are requiring which will be useful in interaction, marketing, and not last to study several disorders in children and adults.


2012–2013 Teaching Assistant, Computer Systems Engineering Department, Birzeit University. The main activities and responsibilities fall in the area of developing new experiments from scratch for labs (i.e Interfacing, Micro-controller labs) to be carried out then by students in their lab time, and supervising on the graduation projects of the department students. Industry

20011–2012 Software Developer, EXALT Technologies Company, Ramallah, Palestine. Developing browser-based application for HP-Indigo company using GWT.


2017–now PhD student in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, University of Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier, Toulouse, France.

2013–2015 Masters of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, University of Rome “La Sapienza”, Rome, Italy, GPA – 105 out of 110 .

2007–2012 Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering, The University of Birzeit, Palestine, GPA – 86% with Distinction.

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