5-7 october 2016, HEPS 2016 – Healthcare systems Ergonomics and Patient Safety – Healthcare and Society news challenges, news opportunities

Invited speakers Sara Albolino (Italy), René Amalberti (France), Sue Hignett (UK), Erik Hollnagel (Denmark), Johanna Westbrook (Australia)

HEPS conferences, organized under the aegis of the International Ergonomics Association (IEA), seek to gather all scientists and practitioners from the field of Ergonomics and Human Factors (researchers, hospital ergonomists, consultants, specialists of the reliability of risk systems) and from the field of healthcare (healthcare professionals, executives, risk managers).

The objective is to share experiences and knowledge on healthcare systems performance, on healthcare professionals’ well-being and on patient safety.

The growing importance of these issues for the government and for the general public, explains the growing success of HEPS conferences.

Previous editions took place in Florence, Italy (2005), Strasbourg, France (2008), Oviedo, Spain (2011) and Taipei, Taiwan (2014).

The 5th edition of HEPS conference will be held in Toulouse, and is organized in partnership with the Toulouse University Hospital. It will focus on the place of healthcare in our societies as well as on the challenges and opportunities that evolutions in societies offer to healthcare organizations.
It will consist of invited lectures, oral presentations, symposiums, round tables and posters.

Contact person vanina.mollo@ipst-cnam.fr, Associate professor, Ipst-Cnam, CERTOP

update 13/06/2016